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Stay at Dreams while taking part in one of the sports events in the area. 


14 April 2013 Leapfrog 21 km Road Race, Gordon's Bay (approximately 20 minutes drive from Gordon's Bay)

Gordon’s Bay will again be hosting the Leapfrog 21km Road Race. The WPA has given this 'scenic, fast & flat' race Western Province Championship status, which will attract the best runners in the Western Cape and surrounding provinces, especially as there are generous prizes totalling more than R10,000. Pre Entries at


19-21 April ProNutro Afrianx Elgin Valley

The ProNutro AfricanX Team are excited to announce a NEW VENUE for 2013! The 5th edition of the ProNutro AfricanX presented by New Balance will take place on the 19-21 April 2013 at it's new venue The Houw Hoek Inn! Entries open on 23 July 2012. Visit their website for further details.


27 April Going Green Expo in Hermanus

Our new project for April/May is "GOING GREEN" with an EXPO of Arts and Crafts created from recycled materials only. The intention is to: Develop Creativity, Upgrade Quality, Develop Independence, Become Entrepreneurs, and Self Employment. Raw products that could be recycled (so that people can find the medium of their choice): glass, mirrors, paper, wood, metal, wire, wool, fabric and shells. There is an abundance of creativity in Hermanus and our purpose is to bring all these people together around a common interest, establish a support group and eventually find a venue and/or occasions to display and sell their Arts and Crafts. Our EXPO offers quality products developed using a high standard of skills and helps people to become artists in their own field and support themselves. Contact Lucia Lamprecht (028 316 5312, 082 811 6061 or for more info.





Do you have what it takes to complete the Good Hope Fm Adventure Race?


Winners of the race receive R15 000!

And lots of spot prizes up the value of R50 000.


Family fun and activities to complete.

Of course we cant give away the details of the event but here are some guidelines.

This will be your family and friend outing for the year. Limited space available.


1st prize R15 000

2nd Prize to the value of R5 000

3rd Prize is best themed dressed team. R2000

Thousands of Rands spot prizes.

Entry to the event will cost R100 per person.  A team must consist of 4 to maximum 6 participants.


You must be able to have your own transport (no need for 4 x 4). And the team must be in one vehicle.

Your event will range as follows after you have entered and completed the documentation:

Arrival at one of our departure spots (Caledon or Hermanus) on the 27th of April 2013. After registration you will receive a departure time. The event will start from 7:00 till 16:00 . Teams will be scheduled for departure every few minutes in order to keep the traffic to a minimum.  Everyone wont depart at once but staggered from 7:00 till 10:00. So arrive early and depart early. The times for the winners will be a predetermined time which is a average time it takes to do the race and the team finishing closes to the set time wins. This is not a speed race or time trail, no where do you have to break the law in speeding or running.


Once you start you will receive the Map with the objectives for the day. A Full map and your clues will only be given the day the race start. If we provide this to you before hand it spoils the fun………

Participants will have a taste of how adventurous the CapeWhaleCoast and the Cape Country Meander is. Towns included on the race will be Hermanus, Stanford, Caledon, Botrivier, Kleinmond and Bettiesbay.

This self drive experience will take you to places you might not even know exists a stone throw from Cape   Town


The products and adventures used will be short samples of what the regions offer. You will receive a 10% discount if you return after the event to do a full activity.  ( so keep the website detials) :-)


Terms, Conditions and Need to Know

1.All participants must complete the online registration process to enter.

2.2 members of your team must have swimwear on hand to complete some objectives.

3.Not all members of your team need to do everything so as you get to an objective or adventure the team can select a member to complete the task.

4.Not letting the cat out of the bag you should prepare yourself in advance with perhaps packing some snacks and drinks so that you don’t have to stop unnecessary during the event.

5.We will be releasing clues on our face book group page so please subscribe to receive regular updates on the event. This will be our bill board for the event so join the group to know what’s going on, in and during the run-up.

6.You don’t need to be fit just in good health! No medical conditions!

7.You don’t need a 4 x 4. We have a secret time for the event winners – we have determined this by averaging our times to one time for the event. We established this time buy NOT running, and NOT racing – So if you race you might come in to fast. This event targets families and friends looking for a different experience.

8.The event will not be weather dependent – some of the activities might but keep in mind the event will go on  no matter the weather.

9.All Participants must complete the Indemnity document. This will be emailed to you once you have registered for the event.

10.             At least one adult to accompany children.

11.             All Participants must comply with South African laws – this includes road usage legislation.

12.              Judges decisions are final and Staff instructions and marshals must be adhered to at all times.

13.             A completed registration form automatically binds all contestants -(your group of participants) to the rules and regulations of the event

14.             No Refunds will be allowed once booked

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