Baboon eating natural food

Baboons have fed on the nutritious plants of the coastal plains for millions of years and Pringle Bay has its own Chacma Baboons. Humans developing – building of homes and roads – of coastal plains have reduced the baboons natural food source.


Baboons were introduced to human food by people leaving garbage around or even deliberately feeding baboons. Because of this baboons learnt to enjoy human food and subsequently raid homes for more.


When baboons stop being “nice” wild animals and start acting like petty thieves, some people’s immediate reaction is to want them killed. This might be a natural reaction when feeling threatened. However Pringle Bay is part of a Biosphere were wild animals are an integral part of the ecology. Baboons are protected by Western Cape Provincial Legislation from being hunted, shot, restrained or poisoned. (Nature Conservation Ordinance 19) And, being primates, baboons are protected internationally under the CITES CONVENTION.


To prevent the encouragement of baboons raiding homes for food it is of uttermost importance to practice control of food sources.


  • Do not place rubbish outside the house within reach for the baboons.


  • Take your rubbish to the transfer station at the entrance of the town.


  • Don’t leave doors and windows open between sunrise and sunset. The critical gap is a maximum of 8cm.


  • Sliding aluminium doors have proved to be the most vulnerable entrances for the baboon troop intending on breaking in. Always lock the push locks at the bottom of the doors.


  • When leaving your home, check that all external doors and windows are locked and that no food is on display - close curtains/blinds in kitchen area.


  • The following seems to be viewed by the baboons as unfriendly and may cause them to move on: binoculars, cameras, water, Mickey-mouse masks, brooms or sticks held like a rifle, child’s toy gun. Cap guns or other devices that produce a loud noise work well. Baboons recognise real firearms of any type as threatening and will usually leave.


Baboons and personal safety:


If a baboon enters the house while you are there:

  • Try to appear calm and confident – no matter how you feel. They are adept at reading body language.


  • Always leave a clear escape route and try to usher them towards that point.


  • Do not cornerthem while acting in an aggressive manner – this is an extremely dangerous situation.


  • Do not leave children with food unattendedoutside the home.


Baboons mean no harm....they are only here for FOOD!


Please immediatelyreport thedeliberate feeding of baboons, or negligence regarding refuse removal procedures (such as black refuse bags being placed outside)


Call: 081 581 5403


*We do not require your name and now personal information will be released.


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