Car Rental     


Most of the internationally common car rental agencies have offices at the Cape Town International Airport. Make sure you specify you want to pick up your vehicle at the airport, at times a small extra fee is charged for this.


When comparing quotes take into consideration:


  • How many free kilometers are included.


  • What the price per kilometer is when free kilometers are exhausted.


  • What different insurances are offered, i.e. comprehensive, limited etc - and the excess in case of accident or theft?


  • If the car can be picked up at one place/town and be returned at another.


  • If more than one person can drive the car/ what the extra cost is for additional driver. If there are age restrictions.


  • What documents are required when checking out the car, i.e. international driving license.


  • If you are allowed to cross borders with the car and if it involves additional costs.


  • Procedures during emergency and contact numbers.


  • Special rates offered for longer rentals.


  • If you are going to stay for a month or longer and think older car models are acceptable investigate less known car hire companies which might save you 50% of the rental price or try and negotiate a better price.


  • When picking up your vehicle make sure that any damage on the car is recorded on the documents i.e. a crack in the windscreen as you will be held responsible for payment for these when returning the car unless you have proof they already existed.


  • Petrol prices have fluctuated greatly the last years - you can find recent approximate petrol price here here.


Some car rental companies give discounts to customers of certain air lines. Other car rental companies give points to certain frequent flyers programmes. Also find out from the car rental company if they offer discounts to certain credit card being used.



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