Since South Africa is such a large country the climate varies a lot. Some areas are quite warm all year around, i.e. Durban, whiles others get very cold and occasionally gets snow during winter, i.e. Drakensberg. The climate of the Cape area is quite similar to that of the Mediterranean.

Western Cape is the only Winter Rainfall area in South Africa. This means that the Western Cape gets its rain during May-September and it very rarely rains November-February. The other parts of South Africa mainly have their rain during the summer months.

The South African summer in the Cape area is warm with day temperatures around 20-35 degrees Celsius. It is generally cooler along the coast and gets considerably warmer further inland. The warmest month is February when the humidity is also quite high.  


The South African winter in the Cape area generally vary from 10 - 20 degrees Celsius during the day, with more chill during the night. The houses are not heated to the same degree as in Europe so if you plan to visit during this time bring along some warm clothes.

When you expose yourself to the sun remember that the African sun is very strong and it is recommended that you use a sun lotion with a high UV protection factor - even on cloudy days.



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