Water, Food, Wine


  • A great advantage of traveling in South Africa is that the water is completely safe to drink directly from the tap. However if you prefer mineral water you will find a great selection in most grocery shops from 200 ml to 5 liter bottles.


  • In general in the cities and larger towns you can find anything you normally would find in a European grocery store (even Wasa knäckebröd and salt liquorish). The selection and quality of both fresh and processed food is great and even though the prices have gone up considerably the last years it is overall still comparably cheaper to similar or same goods in Europe.


  • You will find a great variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. At most grocery shops you will also find a big variety of frozen vegetarian foods such as soya sausage, chunks and vegetarian schnitzels.


  • The quality of restaurant food is great value for money. You can choose anything from top range exceptional fancy restaurants to common fast food chains such as McDonalds - and anything in between. Even though most of the South Africans are serious about their meat (try to attend a traditional braai) most restaurants will have vegetarian options.


  • The following meat is well worth trying: Kudu, Crocodile, Ostrich, Warthog, Springbok (national animal and also the name of the South African Rugby Team).


  • Many local dishes are inspired and originate from the Malaysian kitchen, try Boboti, Briyani or Curry. Also try the Butternut soup, tomato bredie (stew), waterblommitjie bredie (stew), dry woers (dried sausage) and biltong (dried meat).


  • At most restaurants you can ask for a "doggy bag" for the food you can not finish - have it for lunch the next day or give it to someone needy.


  • Service charges are not included in the prices on menus and the guide line is to add 10% to the total as tip/service fee.


  • South Africa has a huge variety of high quality local wines - visit one of the many farms for tasting or a grocery shop to buy a bottle of wine for your meal.


  • Many restaurants permit you to bring with your own wine - a small corkage fee is asked.




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