As always when travelling the best rule is to USE COMMON SENSE and to have knowledge in order to minimize the risk for crime. If you avoid certain places and behaviour you should have a safe trip.


  • Keep the following numbers with you in case you would need them in an emergency:
    • Free emergency number (calls will be transferred to the appropriate emergency service in your area):
      • From landline/phone box: 107 or 10111 (police)
      • From cell phone: 112
  • The national ambulance service 10177
  • The National Tourism Information and Safety 24h service can provide you with emotional support, practical assistance and information to help you to deal with a problem. (I.e. assistance with your application to replace stolen/lost passports, visa etc.) 083 123 2345 


  • Find out about unsafe places in the area you are visiting through:

    • National Tourism Information and Safety Line 083 123 2345
    • The local Tourism Bureau
    • The local Police Station


  • Do not enter informal settlements unless you do so with a registered tour operator.


  • Do not open the door for/let in unknown persons into your house/room.  


  • Do not display your wealth, i.e. jewellery, cameras and other valuables unnecessary and do not count or display money in public.


  • Avoid walking about or driving when it is dark. If you have to, try to move in larger groups and only where the streets are well lit.


  • Always make sure beforehand that an area you are planning to visit, walk in etc is safe by e.g. asking at your local tourism bureau.


  • Never allow strangers to assist you in your transactions at automated tellers, ATMs. If your card gets stuck immediately call the Help Line number for assistance found at the ATM. Criminals like to target people at the ATMs during and after transactions.


  • Do not leave your credit card out of sight, at restaurants etc the machine is usually brought to you - if not walk with your card.


  • Separate your cash and credit cards and don't carry all of it with you. Do not countersign all your traveller’s cheques. Do not leave luggage, bags, handbags etc unattended.


  • Immediately report lost or stolen travel documents to your country's embassy or consulate and the SAPS (police).


  • Give certified photocopies of your valuable documents such as passport, travel insurance, visa, driving license, tickets and travellers cheques to somebody at home.



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